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Emlift Face Lift

Emlift is a FDA-approved treatment that doesn't merely address facial skin but also revitalizes facial muscles, leaving behind a natural, softer look. This innovative solution harmonizes seamlessly with your busy schedule. Emlift might be the ideal choice if:

  • You want to tighten facial muscles

  • You want a subtle lift to the brows and forehead

  • You want to lift your jowl and cheekbones

  • You want a more contoured appearance 

  • You are in pursuit of a fast, painless, and needle-free method to rejuvenate the face.

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After 1 session, my face feels tighter and I can see some results! 

- Sharon

How EMLIFT Works?

EMLIFT works its magic by simultaneously delivering two powerful energies: Radiofrequency (RF) and High-Intensity Electromagnetic Energy. To put it simply, its an intensive workout for the face. Here's how they collaborate to revitalize your face:

  • RF Energy: This energy source remodels and smoothens your skin by gently heating the dermis, stimulating collagen production, and reducing wrinkles.

  • High Intensity Electromagnetic Energy: It selectively contracts facial muscles, restoring and elevating facial tissue. This dual-action approach results in a firmer, more sculpted, contoured, and defined face – all without the need for needles or fillers.

EMShape Reimagined.

EMShape for Body Sculpting.

EMLift for Face Sculpting.



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Why Simultaneous Skin and Muscle Targeting is Effective

Visible signs of aging are often caused by two primary factors: the loss of muscle tone and the decrease in collagen production. EMLIFT expertly addresses both these concerns simultaneously, without the use of needles.


The result? A gentler and more authentic appearance that radiates confidence.

Your 20-Minute EMLIFT Treatment

1. Cleansing: Your face is gently cleansed, removing makeup, products, and impurities to prepare your skin for treatment.

2. Application: The EMLIFT forehead applicator is securely placed on your forehead, while the EMLIFT cheek applicators are positioned on your left and right cheeks.

3. Treatment: As the EMLIFT technology gets to work, you'll experience a warm but harmless sensation as your facial muscles are gently stimulated.

The entire process is quick, comfortable, and needle-free, allowing you to return to your busy life with a refreshed and rejuvenated appearance.

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