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Exclusive top to toe transformational experiences curated just for you. From our Signature Fat Freezing treatment to our Award Winning Brightening Facial - Almalase Laser Facial, the list of treatments available has been carefully shortlisted to help you to achieve your #dreambeautygoals. 

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EmShape® is the latest generation of technologically advanced body contouring treatment that helps to build muscle and sculpt your body. Clinical studies have shown that this technology can permanently reduce fat as well. The innovative EmShape® system is a non-invasive, pain-free procedure that is able to tone and lift the buttocks without the need for excessive exercise or invasive surgery.


A 30-min session of EmShape is equivalent to 20000 crunches or 20000 squats performed!

1 session at $256 ($273.92 after GST)

(National Day 2021 Special)

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The medical activated carbon cream is applied to your face before your laser treatment, allowing it to be deeply absorbed by your pores. The carbon cream has the ability to absorb impurities deep within your skin. During the laser treatment, the light from the laser beam breaks down the carbon cream, causing multiple tiny 'explosions' of carbon particles that both exfoliate the skin and remove impurities that the carbon cream has absorbed. This process also releases a smaller amount of heat, stimulating collagen production, reducing acne inflammation and lightening acne scars.

Carbon Laser Peel | 1 session @ $56 ($59.92 after GST)

(National Day 2021 Special)

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Singapore's #1 Leading Provider of FAT FREEZING treatments! The non-invasive and non-surgical alternative to Liposuction. Proven Results with FDA-Approved Technology. Get a better view of every angle of your body without having to undergo surgery and achieve long-term permanent results in areas that have resisted all efforts like diets and exercises.  

Fat Freezing - 1 Applicator for $56 ($59.92 after GST)

Fat Freezing - 2 Applicators for $112 ($119.84 after GST)

(National Day 2021 Special)


CRYOFacial harnesses the power of cold (reaching -160C) to provide suppression of the production of melanin – which is the root cause of age spots. In addition, the cooling process delivers a refreshing sensation while reducing redness and inflammation and accelerating exfoliation to reveal brighter, more radiant skin.

CRYOFacial helps to activate collagen production deep within the skin to achieve tigher and lifted skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles with improved skin elasticity

CRYOFacial removes age spots by applying cold, which suppresses melanin and normalizes pigment deposition.

CRYOFacial reveals radiant, smooth skin by reducing redness and edema, suppressing inflammation, removing impurities, balancing skin flora, and boosting healthy microbiome, all in a comfortable experience.

CRYOFacial with CRYO Penguin is the only true cryotherapy treatment which reaps the true benefits of cold treatments at extreme low temperatures.

CRYOFacial by CRYO Penguin to freeze away facial aging  and pigmentation

1 session at $56 ($59.92 after GST)

(National Day 2021 Special)

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The latest LED Teeth Whitening technology uses a non-peroxide gel that does not cause sensitivity and does not damage the enamel which are some of the main concerns of those looking to whiten their teeth! This is why the LED Teeth Whitening at MODE Aesthetics is perfect for those who wants a quick, effective and safe way to brighten their SMILE.

LED Teeth Whitening Full Treatment

1 session $128 ($136.96 after GST)

(National Day 2021 Special)



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National Day 2021 Specials by MODE Aesthetics

1. EMShape 1 session @ $256 ($273.92 after GST)
2. Carbon Laser Peel @ $56 ($59.92 after GST)
3. Fat Freezing 1 session @ $56
($59.92 after GST) or 2 sessions @ $112 ($119.84 after GST)
4. 6. CRYOFacial by "CRYO PENGUIN" Freeze Away Aging and Pigmentation $56 ($59.92 after GST)

5. LED Teeth Whitening Full Set at $128 ($136.96 after GST)


- Customers may only purchase ONE of the National Day 2021 Specials

- Valid for FIRST-TIME customers to MODE Aesthetics Aged 21 and Above Only

- Appointment is required, please complete the form below or contact any of our outlets.