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Fat Freezing is a treatment that directly targets and cools fat cells to temperatures that trigger ‘fat cell apoptosis’, a state where the cells kill themselves and the body’s immune system naturally digests it in the following months post-treatment, without affecting the surrounding nerves or other tissues. Rather than overall weight loss, Fat Freezing is a spot-fat reduction treatment performed to remove areas of fat or fat bulges that are difficult to get rid of despite going through a healthy diet and regular exercise. Fat Freezing is designed to target certain fat types and, hence, is most effective in freezing away stubborn fat in specific body areas.

What are the best treatment areas for Fat Freezing?

The belly or abdominal area is the most common area patients choose to treat with Fat Freezing as stubborn fat can easily accumulate at the stomach. There are several reasons why this is the case, for both women and men of all ages. For men, it could be beer belly and for women, it could be due to post-pregnancy weight gain, menopause or even medication. Luckily, belly fat is the most ideal body area to start for Fat Freezing. A more sculpted belly area consisting of Fat Freezing, the right diet and exercise can certainly be seen 2 months after treatment and continue improving to up to 6 months, as one can see up to 25% spot fat reduction from Fat Freezing.

Sometimes, even with regular diet and exercise, stubborn fat may still remain at the arms area, leading to the appearance of flabby arms. This is nothing to be ashamed about, as it is scientifically proven that the underside of the arms is one of the most common deposits for stubborn fat. The good news is, the arm areaincluding the upper arm areais also one of the body parts most ideal to get the most results from Fat Freezing.

Another common area for fat deposits is the waist or love handles. The “Love Handle” is a term used to describe excess fat from the sides of one’s waistline. The underlying cause of love handles is fat retention. Fat cells start accumulating when the body consumes too many calories or when the body does not burn as many calories as one is taking in. Overtime, the fat cells can become noticeable as they accumulate in areas such as the waist, resulting in the appearance of love handles. A trimmer waistline can be visibly achieved with Fat Freezing as the treatment works to eliminate excess fat from the sides of the waist with each session.

With the increasing desire for “thigh gaps”, the inner and outer thighs have also become highly requested body areas to treat with Fat Freezing. Though the thigh area has more muscles than fats unlike the other body areas like the stomach and love handles, it is also possible for stubborn fat in the thigh area to not budge to diet or exercise. Therefore, it has become a highly requested body area to treat and is also a body area that can be effectively treated with Fat Freezing.

All in all, Fat Freezing is a permanent fat reduction technology, but only if one does not overindulge in unhealthy eating or lifestyles. Fat Freezing removes stubborn or excess fat in the treatment area permanently, but if there is dramatic weight gain in an individual, the excess fats have to accumulate somewhere and the fat bulges before treatment may return. Therefore, it is recommended to do a full body analysis with a trusted professional, so as to come up with the perfect Fat Freezing treatment plan for you and eating and lifestyle tips during the interval or after the final Fat Freezing session to make for the most optimal spot fat reduction results with Fat Freezing.


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