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Fat Freezing and CoolSculpting are great alternatives to liposuction, they are a non-invasive and non-surgical treatment that effectively reduces subcutaneous fats up to 25% in just one session. Fat Freezing and CoolSculpting can reduce fat in many areas - back and bra bulge, love handle, hip, thighs, upper arm, and abdomen.

During the treatment, the therapist will apply an applicator that is installed with a vacuum and cooling panels that suctions the targeted area to target the fat cells. Subsequently, cool energy is released and delivered to destroy the fat cells under the skin. The body will then eliminate the fat cells naturally. One session usually takes up to an hour for a larger area, and patients are able to squeeze the treatment in during their lunchtime.

At MODE Aesthetics, it is one of our signature treatments and is highly popular amongst our clients and celebrities. We have been helping customers to customize a treatment plan that works best for them, increasing their confidence and clients have seen long-term permanent results after a few sessions.

Fat Freezing and CoolSculpting can help to achieve your body goals and get rid of stubborn fat bulges that are diet and exercise-resistant.


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