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Understanding what Cryolipolysis or in lay mans terms, Fat Freezing or Fat Freeze is imperative to answering the big question of whether it would "work" for you.

What is Fat Freeze or Fat Freezing?

Fat Freezing improves body contour through the application of cooling plates on desired areas. The plates are pressed against the selected body area for about an hour with minimal to no discomfort. The area is cooled to a temperature that kills fat cells while leaving other tissues (skin, blood vessels and nerves) unharmed.

Fat Freezing uses this science to destroy fatty tissue while putting the body's metabolism to work. Research has shown that cold temperatures can reduce the thickness of the fat layer without having any adverse effects on other types of cells. The body then naturally digests and our immune system will then remove the dead fat cells.


1: "I can lose weight without exercising with Fat Freeze"

MYTH - Fat Freezing will not help you to lose weight unlike the surgical alternative, Liposuction. It will help to reduce stubborn fats at the targeted area that has resisted other efforts such as diets / exercise.

2: "Fat Freeze can be done on any body type"

MYTH - For optimal results, Fat Freeze is best done on stubborn "pinchable" fats. If there is a substantial amount of fat at the targeted area, multiple sessions may be required.

3: "I have stubborn fats that just won't go away even though I exercise and have a healthy diet. Fat Freeze can help me to get rid of this problem." FACT - Fat Freeze is the perfect option for spot fat reduction / stubborn fats. During the treatment, the unwanted fat cells are cooled to a temperature that causes them to go through apoptosis which is the process where they are killed and digested by the body and eliminated as waste without damaging the other tissues. Patients can see up to 25% fat reduction in just 1 session. It is best to have a nutritional and exercise plan in place post treatment to enhance the results of the Fat Freeze treatment.

4: "Fat Freeze can help me to tighten up lose skin and get rid of cellulite"

MYTH - Fat Freeze is used to get rid of stubborn fats and if you are looking to tighten up the lose skin post treatment, it is always good to combine your treatment plan with other body tightening and cellulite busting treatments like V8 Lipomassage / Cryotherapy / RF.

5: "After Fat Freeze, the fats are gone for good!" FACT (to an extent) - As with any treatment, even the surgical alternative that is Liposuction, it is important to maintain a healthy diet and BMI to ensure that the results last.

Achieving your #bodygoals with the help of technology is the same as when you start on a new diet / exercise plan. It takes time, patience & commitment. Results from the Fat Freeze can be seen as fast as 1 month post treatment with continued improvement of up to 6 months. For optimal results, it is good to have a nutritional plan and to exercise regularly. Interested to know more? Check out some of the PROS & CONS of Fat Freeze

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